Sieudiver feat. Jenny - Storm Lead

from by Norowareta Night



Original: マジカルストーム - Magical Storm (Stage 4 Theme)
Game: 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character


Why didn't I think this through
I just know, that it won't be enough to see
the future ahead that lies hidden inside our thoughts

I will never give up, searching my goal
That seems so far away
I'll hold onto my dreams
I can get through this alone.

Whatever's in store, gimme some more
Make me feel what you think
Let me shatter the doubt
And repeat my words for now and hear me out

How didn't I know before
That each choice will never be enough to find
What I am aiming for in this Magical Storm

I'll make it through, alone or with you
The goal's not so far away
I'll hold onto my dreams
I can sense the end is near.

No going back, no doubting yet
My hearts burning oh so bright
I will shatter your doubt
And repeat my words aloud so hear me out


from :Continue, released December 29, 2016
Arrangement by Sieudiver
Lyrics and Vocals by Jenny




Norowareta Night Germany

A German Arrangement Circle producing music based on the soundtrack of the Touhou Project (東方Project) and other japanese games.

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