Divinel feat. Jenny - Pleiades

from by Norowareta Night



Original: 東方紺珠伝 - 遥か38万キロのボヤージュ - Faraway Voyage of 380,000 Kilometers (Stage 5 Theme)
Game: 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom


Shining far above but hiding in plain sight
Whispering the secrets that you have to keep with trust
We won't fade while there's still someone thinking about us
Say, what are your hopes and what are your dreams?
Shared with no one

Screaming out all my despair, wish into the sky as no one has answered with a solid reply
'Cause if you try to tell them they will just refuse your thoughts,
they will cover them in blindness and keep dragging your soul down
Reaching for the stars as the last way out, I'm just so tired of this world that leaves us to bleed out

They will be my lifeforce and they will form my new light in this grey sky
I might be walking all alone down here but they're up there shining bright
To show the path that was hidden from me since so long ago
But now I'm taking my very first step as I am finally ready to go

Within a memory we will be living on, hold my words close now
We keep on fighting, somewhere someone always does
Just remember!

Within the world of ours solitude seems so close, just break free from those
trying to tear through your wishes to take you down
Let's shout it out!

Far away in the darkest skies
Thoroughly hidden for all the blinded minds
Count to seven and wait for our reply
With the strongest will we can shine
Until the end of time

We are living, living alone - We are waiting, waiting alone
We are wishing all on our own but maybe you can hear my call

We keep dreaming, deaming alone - We will wander, wander alone
We will question all of our own but maybe you can hear my call

We're all dropping down one by one as we are left behind on our own
But that doesn't mean that we cannot change and won't help each other to go on

Open your mind and put them aside, let all of your thoughts lighten up our sky
A new chapter will not just start on it's own so remember the stars, join the pleiades and go


from :Continue, released December 29, 2016
Arrangement and Lyrics by Divinel
Vocals by Jenny




Norowareta Night Germany

A German Arrangement Circle producing music based on the soundtrack of the Touhou Project (東方Project) and other japanese games.

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